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Model A Maintenance Schedule

OCMAFC Tech Seminar Handouts - Located here are the handouts from our club Tech Seminars

Tom Endy's Technical Articles - A link to the Santa Anita A's. Presenting Comprehensive Technical articles on major Model A subassemblies. Our thanks to Tom Endy and the Santa Anita A's!

Body Type Codes

Brake Floaters - Part I from "Model A Times"

Brake Floaters - Part II from "Model A Times"

Clutch Housing Alignment by Bill Barlow

Electrical Safety by John McMillan

Horn Rod Buzz by Lew Lewis

Ladies Driving Handbook from MAFCA

Tour Parts & Pieces by Greg Earhart

Un-damped Houdaille Shock Absorber by Don Ratzlaff

Valve Adjustment - Rule of Nine by Vince Falter

Welcome to Driving Your Model A by Ron Andrews, et al.


Special Notes:

The Category titled "Tom Endy's Technical Articles" is a selected listing of topics prepared and submitted to The OCMAFC Website through the expertise and generosity of our member Tom Endy. The list of topics is extensive, so be sure to scroll down the page to view all the available topics. Please take a periodic look at this "Special Page" as Tom is likely to release more of his articles to us as they become available. Thanks Tom, we sincerely appreciate your past, present and future technical contributions for the benefit of the club members and the enhanced understanding and enjoyment of the Model A.

The two attached articles dealing with the installation of "Flathead Ted's Brake Floaters" are posted herein with the kind generosity and authorization of the "Model A Times" publication produced by John LaVoy and Les Andrews as an expression of their continued interest in the support and expansion of the Model A Ford hobby. Thanks Guys - We appreciate the information.